City of Angels

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Our healthcare partners, Excel Medical, said it best: “The purpose of patient data is to effectively get it in the hands of clinicians to make better care decisions”. As with any healthcare innovation, the challenge lies in a seamless implementation. The clinical staff on the front lines of patient care want a tool that enhances their ability to provide safe and effective care. One of the reasons we became consultants was to impact patient outcomes on a larger scale. By walking beside both our clients and customers during the training and implementation phases we are able to impact clinical adoption. We spent two days at UCLA Health performing an assessment of current policy and practice surrounding the care of the cardiac patient population. As part of a multidisciplinary team we made recommendations regarding workflow, utilization, and improvements to current state. We will continue our collaboration with the UCLA health system and customize a training plan and education materials. At COR we believe that the end user and the processes they perform directly impact patient outcomes.

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