Party of Two

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Party of Two

After 20 years of working for a large healthcare organization, we left patient care to follow our dreams of owning a nurse consulting company. The “we” I am referring to are TWO nurses who have been friends for quite a long time. While we weighed the pros and cons of owning a small business, and working for ourselves, here are some things we considered…and some we didn’t….

• When your co-worker is getting on your nerves (singing loudly at work)…the HR department is not quick to act on reprimanding said employee…since she is also the HR department….
• It is much easier to win EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH when you are in a pool of two people. Competition is stiff, but the odds are in your favor of having a plaque at some point.
• There is no tie breaker for decisions…you just see which one of you can wear the other one down quicker and go with that option.
• Nurses week lacks a little in the celebration department-we will do better this May.
• Staff meetings are a bit easier to coordinate and the front seat of a car is the perfect place to conduct most gatherings.
• You can hold many of the cool and important titles…CEO, CFO, CIO, CNO, Director of HR, Director of Marketing…whatever authority someone needs you can be that one for the day!
• The company Christmas party that usually winds up getting out of control and everyone returns to work on Monday with a story to tell…well, yes those still happen…

While there have been some adjustments to leaving the hospital setting to venture out into this thing called consulting…I am very happy to be in business with my friend. When looking at providing a service that can impact the lives of other nurses, patients, and the healthcare community as a whole…you want to partner with someone who is as passionate as you are! Owning a small business, one with two of us, means that we collaborate every day to make sure that our clients are getting what they need. Communication within a business is critical to success and that becomes much easier in a duo. We love what we do and both feel very blessed to wake up every day and work for a company that we can always believe in!

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