The Tells of Bonnie & Nicole-COR Beliefs

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The Tells of Bonnie & Nicole-COR Beliefs

When we started COR, we sat down like all companies and wrote our Vision, Mission, and Values statement. It is important that we are a Trusted Partner committed to Lead Change and Provide Services that are Client Centric. That all looks really pretty on our marketing materials, but the real question is how does a small company build a culture around these statements embedded into everyday practice? We Walk the Talk….

Here are a few of our Tells:
We Build Relationships. Not fake ones, but ones that take time and are authentic. Throughout our career, we have seen the power of cultivating relationships. This means take the time to listen to our clients past and present and celebrate their work.
We Appreciate the Power of Collaboration. I am sure we have all heard the old adage, “I do not know what I do not know”. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and working with a collaborative spirit is key. Some of the best advice we have ever gotten has been offered to us by people outside of our immediate circle. This tell has not only made us stronger leaders but also has helped better understand how WE can all better serve our clients.
We Believe Growth is Intentional. Graduate school is not for sissies. We have both committed a lot of time and money to grow professionally. This doesn’t end when you take off the cap and gown. Our calendars are filled with conferences where we share our work but also learn from others in our industry.
We Live and Die by Best Practice. We are committed to spending time with our clients, vendors, and other organizations to help us better identify what best practice looks like. As consultants, we owe it to our clients to be a sponge of information so we can guide our clients as they develop new or improved services.

These 4 tells are just a few of our COR beliefs. Ones that help guide the culture of our organization and how we walk the talk in our daily work.

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