The Vision of Others…Leading to Serve

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My passion is to serve as a change agent so that others can achieve their vision. But let’s be honest, change can be a difficult thing to pull off. Not only is it hard work, but often times, there are unseen barriers that have to be navigated in order to succeed. As a consultant, I am committed to lead change in a collaborative fashion to provide sustainable and innovative solutions for my clients. But as leaders, often times we forget that we have to take time to lead ourselves in the pursuit of personal development to better serve others. Over the past few days, I have been immersed in an environment with the John Maxwell Team and the level of enrichment I received was priceless. This team is not only made up of some of the greatest business minds of today, but they too believe in leading to serve. John Maxwell said it best, “The first mark of servanthood is the ability to put others ahead of yourself”. Leading to serve will generate success. This level of servant leadership is exactly why COR was established. We are committed to stand beside our clients as we navigate through the change process. This experience reminded me of a few important things. I am grateful to be a part of the nursing profession that allows me to cast such a wide professional net and to my clients that trust COR to help realize their vision. I am also thankful for people like John Maxwell who have poured into me so I can continue to pour into others. COR is committed to leading to serve.

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