con·sult·ant -What in the world is a consultant?

What in the world is a consultant? We asked around to see what our family and friends came up with and here are a few highlights: • You give advice to people and help them figure stuff out • You used to boss around the patients and now you boss other people around • You […]

The Vision of Others…Leading to Serve

My passion is to serve as a change agent so that others can achieve their vision. But let’s be honest, change can be a difficult thing to pull off. Not only is it hard work, but often times, there are unseen barriers that have to be navigated in order to succeed. As a consultant, I […]

City of Angels

Our healthcare partners, Excel Medical, said it best: “The purpose of patient data is to effectively get it in the hands of clinicians to make better care decisions”. As with any healthcare innovation, the challenge lies in a seamless implementation. The clinical staff on the front lines of patient care want a tool that enhances […]

Chamber of Commerce Presentation

COR was pleased to present along side the Gwinnett Newton & Rockdale County Health District leaders, their experience with Mass Sheltering a Clinical Operation Plan for future endeavors. The level of engagement and commitment from our key community partners was inspiring. COR was pleased to present along side the Gwinnett Newton & Rockdale County Health […]

Excel Medical and COR-Clinical Operations Renewal Announce Partnership Streamlining the Training Solution Services to Enhance the Client Experience

Today Excel Medical, the leader in Next-Generation Medical Device Integration, announced the partnership with COR-Clinical Operations Renewal to support Training Solution Services. COR, a boutique consulting firm, with over 30 years of combined experience in cardiac nursing, process development, and system implementations is excited to take over this new endeavor.

We Are…In the Penn State News!!!

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Penn State student Nicole Denham helped provide medical support to hundreds of sheltered residents during Hurricane Irma as part of an interdisciplinary team that supplemented an existing emergency management response. As members of the Georgia East Metro Medical Reserve Corps, Denham, a registered nurse who is earning her master’s degree in […]

COR joins Hurricane Irma Strike Team

COR was able to join the Hurricane Irma Strike Team to adjunct the Emergency Response efforts. With a shelter residency population of over 650 people, we were able to serve over 350 patient encounters. Loved the collaboration between DPH & MRC!

#AAMI2017 Presentation Highlighted

Although getting all of the major players involved with healthcare technology around the same table may seem like a daunting task, it’s essential to worthwhile capital purchases, according to Nicole Denham, RN, BSN, PCCN, and Bonnie Matthews, RN, BSN, PCCN—the two principal nursing consultants behind COR (Clinical Operations Renewal), LLC. Too often, they said during […]